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The file was quite small, 573 KB. Perhaps I don't know how to use the Manage Attachments -- I chose the file but there wasn't any UPLOAD button.

Nevertheless, the file was set up as follows (4 lines)
- "Test for the transfer"
- Using Attach (icon for doc file) with link with link inserted in the Note field
- Using Attach as an outline point rather than a note (icon for linked pdf file here)
- Dragging a file (an image was dragged from Finder below the outline point

What was to be a simple test discovered the following:
--The links remain active ONLY when exported as .rtf, both when read as .rtf (links not underlined) and when the rtf file was opened with Mac Word 2011; of course the embedded image is not visible in this format
--Mac Word 2011 does not successfully parse the links from the exported docx file. The embedded image is shown however.

At present, I don't believe OO 4 reliably transfers links and images to other formats.

My workflow:

Devonthink Pro -->MindNode Pro (visual grouping of subsets of subject, links created)
MindNode Pro --> OO for detailed notes for lecture (references transferred manually, excerpts placed in outline with ref link in 2nd column )

I was looking to expand my workflow to a word processing document.