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Ctrl-drag definitely gives more "reliable results". I linked an image file, a pdf file and a docx file.

Here's what I learned.
- rtf export
  • MS Word translates the rtf export correctly although some manipulation is required to open the pdf. Yes, even the image opens from the link.
  • Mellel reads the rtf perfectly, all links open, with no further manipulation

- docx export
MS Word corrupts the pdf and image link in this export

- OPML export: I used MindNode Pro to test this export. Only the file link was translated successfully, and the the file opened as expected. Exporting the MindNode file as OPML for OO4, resulted in the file link with the complete path being successfully transferred.

In each successful case, the file path was transferred with the link, e.g. file:///Users/username/Documents/subdirectory/filename.suffix. Interestingly, in OO 4, only the docx file explicitly displayed the full path as the link, the pdf and image file had this path hidden.

Hope this provides some insight.