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I'm sorry to see the web interface go, but I understand why it had to be done. Perhaps we'll see its return in OmniFocus 2.0. Some of the headache with port forwarding can be automated. There's a tool out there--I'm spacing on the name, but I'm quite certain it exists--that will automate the process for a number of popular router brands. Anyone?

In the mean time, I have a suggestion that could be relatively simple matter to implement.

Have you considered exporting read-only lists as Data URL bookmarks? Here's an example. Right-click this link and bookmark it in Safari: Errands. IMPORTANT: the vBulletin forum markup insists on prepending the url with "http://". Go in and edit that out of the link.

Now sync to your iPhone. Switch into airplane mode, and pull up the page. As Steve would say, "boom!"

The biggest problem I see is getting the URL into Safari Bookmarks. Applescript support in Safari is disappointingly sparse, and as I recall, there's no way to manage bookmarks. But it can be done: the latest beta of 1passwd exports a mobile password repository using just this technique.

It's a trade-off, fast read-only offline lists vs. slow online interactive, but it's one I'd be comfortable with. This could all be a moot point, of course, depending on what may or may not be announced next week, or how much of Leopard's to-do functionality will be sync-able to the iPhone. I just need some offically supported way of taking my lists with me on the road. Without them, I'm lost.