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I'm going to make sure that this post has some of the keywords I've been using to search for as I seek to uncover how other people are handling a dilemma I have. I'm not vain enough to think I'm the only one suffering from this productivity stumbling block.

I've been reading some of the posts on integrating OF with (SFDC) and while I'm not using SFDC, I do spend a lot of my day in a web-based CRM haze of to-dos. I'd love to be able to somehow integrate those to-dos with my non-CRM to-dos that I keep in OF. The CRM I am using does have an RSS feed for its to-dos, so I can add them to Google Calendar or iCal. But that allows me to read the to-dos, not to edit, delete, or add additional items.

Is there a script for importing items via an RSS feed? I'd ideally like to use OF as my primary task manager, but I can't until I can figure out how to get my CRM to-dos into OF without re-entering them.

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