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Thank you once again. My problem is that I also have a lot of delegated tasks without a start date set. I use the start date only when tasks are periodic (repeating) tasks that should not be available for a specific date. In the meantime I can have many other tasks with a specific delegee (same context) for which no start date is set. In fact, I would not considering setting a start date, since every minute these are finishes early would speed up the execution. Setting the context not on HOLD would mean that the project is not waiting for a response and thus that I should be progressing on it myself. Be aware, the due date field is only used by me to indicate the really committed end date by the delegee (and that is the field I use to track progress c.q. expedite on completion).

Anyway, OF is a really incredible tool to boost productivity. And my current workflow for delegated tasks is really working. Only in case I need a perspective view of the specific delegee the view becomes cluttered somethimes with routine tasks that should not yet show up (since start date is not yet met).