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In OmniFocus 1.8 (currently available as sneaky peek previews), projects and groups can show up in context mode lists, such as Context lists, Due lists, and Flagged lists. This change solves some a number of workflow issues (e.g. due inbox items and projects falling through the cracks), but it sounds like it has introduced new workflow issues as well.

I'd like to identify new workflow issues introduced by this change and figure out potential workarounds and solutions.

Here's an example issue:
With most of my projects listed under "No Context" (since they don't need one), it's hard to review the list to find individual actions which are missing a context.

Current workaround: Since projects are not considered available until all their children are complete, you can hide most projects from that list by only showing Available actions.

Disadvantages: This doesn't help you find unavailable actions which are missing a context. And projects without actions will still be in the list.

Possible solution: Add a view option which hides and shows projects and can be saved as part of the perspective.
Can you help me identify other workflow issues caused by 1.8's changes? I'd appreciate your help!