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Thank you for your feed back. If I change the due date the repeat date is automatically changed to a year from the adjusted due date. Which is not what I want.

I'm going to have to re-think my approach. Maybe I will break it down into smaller individual tasks. That way I can make give separate due dates to each task.
If this happens occasionally, I just let it go overdue and keep an eye on in with a perspective.

The thought occurs though that the original date is not the actual due date as you suggest it slips regularly, so why not set the due date later?

However I'm guessing that you use the original due date as a reminder to kick off the task, so why not have a project similar to the below, all tasks have the same due and complete dates as shown and a repeat of 12 months. The project does not repeat.

Sales Project
* Task Start - 1st of Feb
* Task reminder 1 - 8th of Feb
* Task reminder 2 - 15th of Feb
* Task reminder 3 - 22nd of Feb
* Task reminder 4 - 1st of March
* Is Task Complete yet - 8th of march.

This would give you regular reminders to keep the project ticking over, but would allow the date to slip as far as you want, just keep adding tasks.