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I've spent months trying to "like" v2 on the iPhone and I just don't. Don't like the design, UI, the clown-car circles...I just can't get past it. It was the one application that kept me on the iPhone, but I realized I wasn't using it much anymore. So, I just deleted it and I'll be headed to Android. It will be interesting to see how well I stay organized using just the Mac. I'm guessing things will work out just fine.

Maybe we'll start dating again in the future. I'll give version 3 a try. But I think Omni Group is headed in the wrong direction on their mobile apps (all of which I have purchased). I've also stopped using the iPad version since the review function works so well in v2 of the Mac. In my opinion, chasing whatever Apple's latest "design vision" is seems misguided. Chasing design awards over the user experience seems misguided.

Just one vote. My vote. I'll be purchasing and using the heck out of OF 2 for Mac when it comes out and I love the new OmniGraffle and OmniOutliner on the Mac. See y'all in the OF2 beta forum.