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iOS 7 - Designed for spin doctors, not users.

Sadly with the introduction of iOS 7 we have seen many well crafted and thought our apps go off the road.

GUI changes in line with Apples tragic design that breaks even Apples own guidelines (love to have been a fly on the wall at those Apple meetings).

Apparently it is a step forward to have typefaces you can't read and buttons you have to hunt for. I have found myself going back to using the previous versions of a number of apps after having tried their "improved" iOS 7 versions.

In fairness I find a number of the new features in OF2 for iPhone good but still find myself drawn back to OF1 often.

Given that they can't charge for updates, I feel a lot of developers used iOS 7 as an excuse to introduce "New" apps that they could charge for. In a lot of cases they are still the same apps under the hood.

I would rather pay for major updates of apps that continue down the path of refinement rather than something new each time.

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