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Just one more vote against.

The new version of OF for the iPhone caused me to stop using OF. I had a fantastic system set up with custom perspectives, but the new layout doesn't let my eye differentiate between one group and another. I used the old version for a while, but there were little visual glitches. After Omni said it would never be pursued or updated, I got motivated to use something else. It's been a real disappointment because nothing else is as good. That's the way it goes I guess.

I loved the new OF for the desktop once they went back to the drawing board, but sadly won't get to enjoy it. Too much of my personal workflow depends on the iPhone app, but the new layout on iPhone is a deal breaker.

Last comment -
Everyone who comments here is very rational and insightful, and usually provides great feedback about not just workflows, but the power of visual presentation. I like coming back and seeing what everyone else thinks about things.

Just occurred to me - the discussion group here is more compelling than the iPhone app! No worries - the disappointment I feel for the abandoned OF app is forgotten when I jump on my motorcycle.