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Most HuffPo article thumbnails disappeared sometime in the last 24 hours. I don't know whether this is due to a site change or the latest release of OmniWeb 5.8 SP1 (now at 103456).

On this round, Safari 3.1.2 is also not showing thumbnail images.

Since OmniWeb 5.7 and Firefox work fine, I suspect a WebKit-HuffPo incompatibility.

Spoofing as Firefox doesn't help.


David M. responded to my formal report, indicating Safari 3.1.2 and Safari spoofing worked for him. And it's working for me now, too. Since I tested carefully and double-checked earlier today, it appears the HuffPo developers fixed something in the interim.

The Omni Group won this round with speedy tech support. (It's clear HuffPo's browser detection is still incomplete - a perfect test case for OmniWeb's excellent site-specific spoofing.)

[submitted as formal feedback]

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