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creating and editing perspectives is available only on the Mac version at this moment. Perspectives unlocks a lot of the hidden power of OmniFocus. Perspectives are used to help you filter out a lot of projects, contexts, and tasks. You use these perspectives to focus only on certain projects or contexts.

The iPad can be used by itself but it is easier to use as part of the OmniFocus ecosystem which includes versions for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

The Mac version is where do I most of my planning, editing, and project management.

Then I'll use the iPad version if I want to still have access to my OmniFocus database when I'm on the go and lugging a MacBook is not as convenient. I don't really need to create perspectives while on the road but it is certainly easier to do project editing with a bluetooth keyboard.

I'll also use the iPhone version for quick reference, checking off tasks while on-the-go, and quick capture throughout the day. It's like a small little notepad and I can just look up OmniFocus easily, check things off, and add new tasks. I wouldn't be doing any major project editing. I'll leave that to the iPad or the Mac.

But we'll have to wait to see what OmniFocus 2 for iPad will offer. Omni is still grinding away at OF 2 for the Mac. Then they'll set their sights on OF2 for iPad afterwards.