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Hmm. Well I've just done a sync and just about everything in my OF library (except the contents of the inbox) has disappeared.

No problem I though, I'll just revert to a backup. I went to do so and found that the Omnifocus Backups folder is EMPTY, even though it's set to backup twice a day. There are a bunch of backups in the trash but it doesn't seem to be able to restore from any of those either (and they seem suspiciously small too..)


Next problem, as soon as I tried to restore, it updates the version on my iDisk and so it's now overwritten what was presumably a valid version

Double oops!

Looking back via Time Machine it seems the last backup available was 21st June. Presumably about the time I started using the sneaky peaks again?

The version on my Touch is still valid at the moment, anything I can do to restore the desktop from that without reverting to a two-week old backup from the old database?