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Im trying really hard to wrap my head around how I'm supposed to work with files now that we live in this new Apple Versions world. So far I'm just frustrated and confused.

If I want to copy something out of a document, previously I would open it, change to the canvas of that view, show the layer for that state, select the object, copy it, and close it without saving. Now, I must first decide to unlock the document before I can change visibility, which seems to then autosave all my changes. Once I close the document, its saved looking at a different canvas and a different state, half way through the user workflow. Whats more, it now shows up at the top of my project folder, as it has a new mod date. This is something I do numerous times a day, and I cant seem to figure out the the new way to just copy stuff out of a document, or look around in it without it saving every thing I do.

I thought id be able to use the "revert to last saved version" before closing any document I didn't want changes saved on, but this has very mixed results that I haven't been able to pin down. Is it really reverting to the last auto-save version? Doesn't that defeat the purpose? Even if it did revert to the last manual save, it would be very obnoxious to have to use a fiddly menu in the title bar every time I didn't want the document to save my "changes." I think part of the problem may be that showing and hiding layers is considered a change. This is an even greater problem when I try to use the Browse All Versions view (which is slow to load, even on a current year MBP with SSD & 8Gig RAM) as I can not show or hide layers to actually See which version is the one I want to go back to (the version I opened.)

Am I missing something here? Is it impossible for me to view and copy out of a document without it saving everything I look at and updating the mod date? Do we have any hope of Versions usage being Optional in OG?

thanks for any assistance/suggestions,