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I'm just getting my first view of omnioutliner 4 and it looks really nice. I like the new layout of the sidebar and the zoom feature is really good.

I'm not a fan of apples grey icon colour scheme and notice that oo4 is now a drab grey as well. I really don't get how a lack of colour is supposed to be better and aid a UI. Coloured icons are much more intuitive in my mind and make it much easier to navigate the UI when you can quickly pick out the coloured icon from the bunch.

I've also noticed since installing oo4 that when using the finder the omnioutliner data files are now missing their icons and Quick Look no longer works. I don't know if this is a feature still not added or if its a bug or not, but it is a feature I used all the time in OO3 so I thought I should mention it just incase.