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I'd upvote this in jira 1000 times if I could get it. It'd be so awesome to get a 2 way sync between the two systems.

1) How would you track comments in the ticket in omnifocus? Would someone be able to put in notes in omnifocus and have them show up as new comments in the ticket?

2) What happens if someone moves a jira to me? How do I know that it got assigned?

3) Would this be something I ran on the mac or an intermediate server?

I'd love for the sync to be set it and forget it. If the mac has to be running that's completely fine, it doesn't have to be all in the "cloud"

I'm also *SUPER* happy to do beta testing, and I live in Seattle!

Sorry, super excited, I love omnifocus, but the lack of integration like this has always made it kinda hacky to track in both systems.