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Excuse me "whpalmer4" but check your facts.

I did not make an investment of my time on the basis of what I "hoped" it would be, but rather on what the manufacturer promised, over and over.

For nearly a year Ken Chase has promised and advertised on his website that iCloud sync was coming. He corresponded with me personally (I still have all the emails) assuring me the iCloud sync capability was coming, but was not exactly sure when. Only yesterday did he advise me, via email, and only after I contacted him again, that said sync functionality was not going to happen notwithstanding the fact his website still indicated iCloud sync was something they were going to provide.

So, I was not "hoping," rather I was waiting rather patiently for something that was promised. And yes, to use your analogy, when I sit down to a movie or a meal that is billeted as say Titanic and Steak but instead I get Jerry Springer and Kraft Dinner, I tend to think I have the right to be disappointed.

You need to pay closer attention to what I and others have said in previous posts; it has squat to do with $20. Dropbox or iCloud sync is worth ten times that amount to me. My objection has nothing to do with wasted money or lost time. It has all to do with whatever incompetence comes with the inability to deliver what CarbonFin Outliner is seemingly able to do effortlessly. That is not "self righteous indignation" that's calling a spade a spade.