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Fact: you did not enter into an enforceable contract with Omni to sell you software containing a feature which they had yet to develop.

Fact: they are exceedingly careful in my decade or so of experience as an Omni customer to avoid making promises about when any particular feature will ship or even if it will be developed.

They do occasionally share their plans, usually with the caveat that they are plans, not commitments, and therefore subject to change, because anyone who has ever taken part in a software development project of any complexity knows that it is very rare that one does not encounter unforeseen complications. Said complications may make the schedule unduly optimistic, the price uneconomical, or the task may simply prove beyond reach. Ken is a smart guy with plenty of experience in the school of hard knocks, and knows what happens when you promise customers something you don't already have in hand. Here's an example of one of those caveats:

Meanwhile, let me briefly give some updates on our other projects! But first, an important reminder: our plans do change over time, so please don't rely on things happening according to today's particular snapshot of those plans.
Unless matters have changed since I last looked, Carbonfin doesn't handle native OmniOutliner files, only OmniOutliner files exported as OPML. Even Dropbox itself doesn't really handle native OmniOutliner files you cannot upload or download a native OmniOutliner file with Dropbox's web application, nor can the Dropbox iOS app hand such a file off to an application. The people you are calling incompetent manage to do it, however.

The old line about "hell hath no fury" should really continue as "like a customer who didn't exercise due diligence!"