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I also wonder if the possibility to subtract from any variable is written into the script (eg. time from start/due date).

I tried this morning to set $date as one variable in the projects notes, and either add days in the task note (ex: start: $date + 2d, Due: $date 09:00) or subtract days (ex: start: $date - 2w 09:00). I only success when Im adding days to the $date variable, and get no result with the subtraction. If I use the conference example above I could add the due date from the $date variable in some tasks, while other ones (like booking room and travels) I would like to automate so the task start for example 8w before the conference starts (eg. the $date).

Anyone that have any thoughts about that?
All the best
gazt, thanks for the idea —*I have now added a special date variable that can be used in the way you are describing. You can grab the most recent version of the script with this built in from the link in the original post.