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The "Add to Wishlist" widget on product pages doesn't seem to work properly in OmniWeb 5.7 beta.

Expected: Clicking on the drop-down arrow opens up a small pane that lets you choose a wishlist to add to. This works as expected in Gecko-based browsers like Camino 1.5.4 and the Firefox 3 nightlies.

Observed: A loading widget appears, but instead of opening the list of wishlists/gift lists, the item gets added to your shopping cart.

Disabling javascript for in Site Preferences allows the item to actually be added to your main wishlist, but since it's the simple non-scripted version of the page there is no way to directly add the item to an alternate list.

Safari 3.0.4 exhibits the same behavior on OS 10.5.2, so I'm assuming it's an issue that WebKit in general has been having since Amazon redesigned some of their site elements?