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I am trying to use OmniPlan to schedule a video production and post production schedule. I really like the way that it works, but I have not found an easy way to do minimum billing.

i.e. some of the people that I plan on using for the production are freelancers that work 10 hour days with any day over that being overtime. They bill the full day rate even if they only work 8 hours. That's just how it works.

So far I've created a bunch of tasks that all have my different crew members associated to them, and all of the resources have an hourly rate (which is just their day rate divided by 10) - but what I really need is a way to say that their cost is for ten hours of their time and anything over that is an hourly rate (day rate divided by ten multiplied by 1.5).

That make sense? Would I do this with constraints?