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That's a real good & simple solution Roustem, also one of the first times I have ever been motivated to want to buy a USB keychain.

iDisk would be nice, except that to be reliable it would need to push saved data to iDisk post saving it to a local database as opposed to saving it live to iDisk. Saving live to iDisk could pose some big problems as far as interrupted connections and general speed. Working live off a network document, while currently fashionable has some inherent risks, especially in regard to lost data and failed saves.

That of course brings back the whole prospect of actually automating the process of pushing/pulling saved data via SyncServices, which would be really sweet if pulled off well. Personally that would be my ideal choice for using OmniFocus on multiple Macs, though in the interim, when network access would be unavailable, or if you did not have a .Mac account, Roustem's solution is ideal. Perhaps an Advanced preference for the location of saved OmniFocus Application Support would help facilitate this for more users; iGTD already has this functionality though it includes some warnings.

Ideally, OmniFocus would provide some easy ways to use your OmniFocus data set on multiple Macs for people with .Mac and those without.