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Thanks for explaining how OmniOutliner works with Styles.

I've done as advised and turned off "paste from other apps preserves styles"; thanks for pointing it out! I went through the settings but I missed it.

I've set up a style to fix the existing pasted styles and I've managed to clean up my outlines. Except I have one small issue:

Some of the outlines I pasted were paragraphs in bullet points. The bullet point is probably an image that was pasted as well. Each Bullet Point was pasted to its own Row. I've deleted the bullet point but where the row has more than one line and is forced to wrap, I cannot fix the indent. There is a space as big as a tab but it won't delete even if I move the cursor there.

It isn't a big problem as you've fixed the bigger ones for me; just wondering if there's a solution for the indent issue.