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Hello all.

Our team LOVES OmniFocus and it's ability to manage our life, todos, projects.

This synching issue has been complex and an obstacle for sure...we have a ghetto solution in the meantime. This solution is not free (we pay for the third party sync), but utilizes a project manager, and a third party sync between omni focus and basecamp.

Please read below to see what we're doing:
I'm unable to post direct URLS here because I'm new to the forum, if you want the direct address (since the basecamp free page is hard to find), shoot me an email at 'meyer (at) threedotinc (dot) com'.
  1. Sign up with a free 37Signals Classic Basecamp account (to manage mulitple todo lists or projects)
  2. Sign up for a spootnik account (for $12/mo)
  3. Follow the Spootnik instructions to sync with basecamp and omnifocus
  4. Put your Spootnik or Basecamp ".ics" feed into ical
  5. Done.

As I said above, it's a little ghetto...But, if you use Basecamp anyway, or want to use it to manage projects, it's a beautiful integration!