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Hi All -

I grouped a few daily start tasks into a project called "Daily Start".

1. Is it better to have the individual tasks repeat, or to set the project to repeat?

2. I was suprised to see that setting a start date on the project and a repeat interval on the project does not also set these for the tasks in the project. Can someone explain this?

3. To experiment, I set the project to repeat (but I did NOT explicitly set the tasks to repeat). I then checked each task as completed and clicked "Clean Up". To my surprise the project and the folder it was sitting in vanished, even though I am looking at "All Projects", "ungrouped", "unsorted", "any status", "any duration", "any flag state". Can anyone explain this?

1. Depends. Suppose you only get through half the tasks one day. In that case, do you want to do them all the next day, or just the rest of the previous day's list? If you want to do them all every day in this situation, then probably the tasks should repeat.

2. The tasks inherit the dates from the parent for all filtering purposes, they just aren't displayed. Showing the same date for every task was found to be too "noisy".

3. Just guessing, but I suspect that your sample project was near the end of a long list of projects. If hitting cleanup (or changing a view setting) causes the list to get shorter, you sometimes have to scroll up to see the items. This is a minor bug where the scrolled view doesn't update if the number of displayed rows decreases.