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I find that I am trying to use OmniFocus in such a way that I can create many dis-joint things that I need to accomplish that only require a single action. Therefore, I wish to create a single action and drag it in a folder in the Library (maybe the Folder is called Saturday Activities) and I want to assign Context to them. However, I cannot do that. If I don't drag the new Action I created in the Inbox to a Project in the Library it turns it into a new Project and also does NOT show the Context except for the sub-action items (which I don't have) under the new Project OmniFocus created.

Am I doing something incorrectly? All I want in many cases is a single Action with a Context assigned. I do not see a need to create a Project then create an Action under the Project for these type events.

An example of this is:

Library Folder named Work
- Expense Report for Customer X Visit (Context=ExpenseReports)

Can someone explain if I'm missing that ability.

Best Regard