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So, I still need some help... I need to be able to get the user data items for a shape. From the below info, you will see that I figured out how to set the user data. But it's useless to me unless I can query for it and compare it to known values.

Here is what I've come across... There is a cool utility into which you can paste AppleScript and generate the corresponding code in either Python, Ruby, or ObjC.
The utility is ASTranslate and can be found at

Just a sample of what is did for me... I selected the shape that I'd like to recreate and copy as AppleScript..

This copies the following apple script...
tell application "OmniGraffle Professional"
	tell canvas of front window
		make new shape at end of graphics with properties {user data: {hostName: "localhost"}, text placement: top, fill: no fill, origin: {121.000000, 354.500000}, autosizing: vertically only, size: {200.000000, 24.000000}, text: {text: "This Shape #2", text: "This Shape #2"}, draws shadow: false}
	end tell
end tell

Paste this code in ASTranslator and translate a Ruby to get..
app("OmniGraffle Professional 5").windows[1].canvas.make(:at =>[1], :new => :shape, :with_properties => {
    :origin => [121.000000, 354.500000],
    :text => {
                 :text => "This Shape #2"
    :text_placement => :top,
    :draws_shadow => false,
    :user_data => {
                      "hostname" => "localhost"
    :autosizing => :vertically_only,
    :fill => :no_fill,
    :size => [200.000000, 24.000000]

I still can't seem to figure out how to set user data after the object is created.
And I still need to figure out:
  1. How to update the user_data_item value.
  2. How to get the user_data_item name and value. This is needed so I can identify shapes with specific user data values.