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Thanks Brian, that helps answer it. I am going to try to just stick with the Sync Server if I can, but my sync times are taking a minute to two minutes or more and sometimes failing. Yes, my home connection can be that bad (satellite with high latency and less than promised throughput -- ugh) and if I am outside my wi-fi network at home all I have is EDGE and that seems so slow that OmniFocus on my iPhone usually times out and gives me an error message.

I have only been using (trialing) OmniFocus for 5 days, so my database is not huge, though it does have a good amount of stuff in it. I am syncing several times a day as I leap from my Mac to roving about using my iPhone, so regular syncing is not a problem at all.

Not to compare apples to oranges, but I have other apps which sync on the same network situations and they do better, notably SimpleNote which is managing a large amount of notes and does it quickly on this slow connection. But, that may not be a fair comparison.

I realize my Internet situation here is rather unusual and most people are not stuck with this. Sometimes I work in a city and have normal DSL and 3G and OF was working fine. Still, a tad slow for my tastes, but nothing too noticeable.

I hope that you can find ways to improve all this. I respect the difficulty involved. Thanks.

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