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Not to compare apples to oranges, but I have other apps which sync on the same network situations and they do better, notably SimpleNote which is managing a large amount of notes and does it quickly on this slow connection. But, that may not be a fair comparison.
It's not. In the case of SimpleNote, I've watched in horror as it has destroyed my data on several occasions where parallel edits in OmniFocus were synced just fine. I'm syncing between iPod, iPad, and Mac; maybe SimpleNote nails the simpler 2 device case. I have never had OmniFocus lose data (it has duplicated data a few times, but that's fundamentally an easier thing to repair after the fact, as you've still got all the pieces!) despite syncing sometimes hundreds of times a day, and thousands of actions in the database.

I've attached a snippet of a transaction graph showing my 3 devices syncing to give an idea of how complicated a history OmniFocus is designed to handle:

Each oval is a change of some sort being applied to one or more actions on one of the devices. At the end, when the dust settles and everyone has synced, they all have the right data.

If you do want to switch sync methods, you'll want to sync all your devices before changing the settings. Then you need to be very careful about answering the questions you'll be asked about which database to keep when you switch sync methods. Attention to detail here is very important or you will lose your most recent changes, possibly without realizing it!