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Do you get confused by the Safari search bar that pops up when you do cmd-F? After all, it only searches the contents of the currently displayed web page, not the entire internet :-)

My guess is that you don't get confused by it, even though it looks quite similar, because you expect it to be something other than the default search tool. Given that what Omni has implemented is more akin to that search bar than the toolbar search, perhaps part of the answer is there. I think both search (er, filter) modes are useful that's why I've got Rob's One Click Search All script in my toolbar right next to the Omni search widget.

As for DevonThink, I change as few things as possible, for fear of never being able to reproduce the same view again :-) Maybe someday I'll be as comfortable there as I am in OmniFocus, but it's not going to be this week, and next week doesn't look good either, to steal a punchline...