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Originally Posted by jordan.breeding
Here is the situation I would consider ideal:

Click on a link (regardless of whether is is set to _blank or something similar): have it open in the current window/tab
Cmd-click/Middle-click on a link: have it open in a new tab in the current window
Click on a link from another app: have it open in a new tab in the current window

I don't mind things being an option like "Behavior for _blank, etc.: nothing/same tab/new tab" but even though I like "new tab" better than just having new windows open when I don't want them to I really prefer that if I clicked on a link it should just open in my current tab. This is how I use Firefox, and how I would like to use OmniWeb. I can get "new tab" but not "same tab" with Safari Stand, but I still prefer having the choice of "same tab".

What are the chances of getting an option (even if hidden) to "force open in current tab/window" instead of only having the current "force open in new tab"?