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WebDAV is hard and lots of services, especially free ones or out of the box shared hosting, won't support the full standard, which is murky in any case.

I got OF working on my MBP and new iPhone in about 5 minutes using Concentric -- set up a dedicated user in my account just for OF (so I didn't have to give the iPhone access to anything else), set that user up with write access to one dir under SSL, and pointed both MBP and iPhone there. Voila! Synchronization, and surprisingly low delay to keep things up to date.

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I've heard hints about the free basic account at

Once signed up, I can use the Finder's Connect to Server command, specify as the url, / password, and it's mounted.

When I specify plus un/pw to OF Mac 102746 I get a 500 (internal server error) value.

This also happened when I tried my WebDAV-enabled account.