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I think that OmniOutliner may be a better place for this since each item is not really a task. I just want a place to jot down ideas and references for each idea.

What do you think? Am I right/wrong?
I don't think there's a right or wrong, but storing Someday projects in OmniOutliner is what I do.

Projects that I'm currently working on go in OmniFocus.

Projects that are currently on my radar, but I might not get to them for a couple of weeks go in OmniFocus and put On Hold.

Projects that I'm planning, gathering data about, but are no where on my current radar, go into OmniFocus in a Someday file.

As an example, I'm planning on a probably trip at the end of 2012. Every once in a while I'll review it, add a little bit of info, etc. I see zero advantage to keeping this possible project/trip in OmniFocus. In fact, I find keeping it in OmniFocus as a negative; noise getting in the way of what I'm trying to accomplish now.

There are some people that simply want everything in one place, so for them that's the answer. But for me there's a clear separation between what I want to accomplish now and what I want to accomplish in the future, and it's beneficial to keep them separate. As long as I know what is where, I don't find any benefit to shoving everything into one place.

(as a side note, I also find OmniOutliner the better application for the type of planning I do with Someday projects.)