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I've posted about this before, but noticed this morning that I was wondering why I have been using OmniFocus less and less in my daily work.

Boils down to performance.

'Never do anything without writing it down first'. I find it productive to gather first thoughts about a project quite loosely, and then reorganise with a bit more rigour (often discovering problems, incoherences and better solutions while re-shaping the project outline). For this to work, it needs to be fast the software shouldn't be slower than me.

But the OmniFocus design (quite understandably) offers rather more security than speed - every little outline indent and move is a transaction to be duly noted and shelved by scurrying virtual librarians who slow the whole thing down.

Fine, and, of course I can do the outlining in something faster, and then commit the outline to OF. Sometimes I do that I've written a script to automate the commit. But more and more I find I'm simply skipping the OF part

Training wheels to be used for a while and then left behind ? Not sure. OmniFocus is a really excellent piece of work. But it's just too slow to think in.