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Anyway to wipe everything out and start over? or is the ipad just dead?
To wipe everything and start over, go to the iPad's home screen and tap and hold the OmniFocus app icon until it starts to wiggle. An (x) button will appear on the app icon; tap on that (x) icon to delete the app. This will wipe everything having to do with the app from your iPad.

You should now be able to install the app again from the App Store, and configure it to sync your database again. If that still doesn't work, you might double-check that your iPad has free space available: maybe it's run out of room to download your database and that's why it's failing? If that's not the problem either, then I'd recommend calling our support humans on Monday (between 10am and 5pm Pacific Time) at 800-315-6664—it can be a lot faster to walk through possible problems and solutions over the phone.

Hope this helps!