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This was great, thank you! It was the only way to get OmniFocus for iPad syncing again under iOS 7 Beta.

For others searching for this solution, here is exactly what I did:

(this is ALL on the MAC OmniFocus)
1. On MAC - archived old items (to remove some of the bulk in my 30MB database).
2. File > Export - export Database in omnifocus document format (sved to desktop)
3. File > revert to Database Backup. Then pointed to the newly backed up file on my desktop.
4. File > Replace Server Database - this "compacts" the local database and then replaces the one on the sync server with the compacted one

Then I went into iTunes, then within iTunes to the iPad and then to the APPS tab. Down at the bottom of the APPS tab is a File Sharing section.

Select OmniFocus from the list on the left in the File Sharing section. On the right you should see your OmniFocus files.
1. Select OmniFocus.ofocus file in the list
2. Right click on that fils and select DELETE
3. Hit the ADD button on the bottom right
4. Navigate to the file you backed up in Step 2 above

Let iTunes sync.

Now on the iPad, open OmniFocus. Your database should load up.

Go to the "Gear" icon > Sync Setup...

Select "Don't Sync" and then close.

Go back to the Sync Setup... > select Sync with Omni Sync Server. The if the iPad app asks you if you want to keep the device database of replace with the server, choose the DEVICE, not the server.

Everything synced and worked for me after that. I tested a new item on the mac and then hit sync on the iPad and it showed up. All sync issues solved.

Thanks for this thread and to OmniFocus tech support for helping me with this one.