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It seems at least to me then that it would be better for OmniPresence to allow selecting an existing local folder to sync rather than insisting a new folder be created...
Seconded. I can't be the only one who was already using Transmit/ForkLift/Unison to sync folders. Having to rename, recreate, repopulate each one is unnecessary busywork.

What's compounded the problem massively for me is that OmniOutliner on the iPad pretends folders don't exist. I have several subfolders that each contain a bunch of files with exactly the same names. So in order to not have complete chaos on the iPad (dozens of files with exactly the same names), I've had to set each subfolder up as a separate OmniPresence folder and repeat the whole business four times each (and counting) on my two Macs and iPad.

Not really as user-friendly as it could be, though I'm hoping once I've finished setting everything up, it will run a lot more smoothly than with WebDAV+Unison.

It'd also be nice if OmniPresence could recognise when a new sync folder is on the same server as one it's already run its compatibility tests on, and so not go through the whole testing rigmarole again.