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Neither OmniFocus nor OmniPlan is currently a multi-user app.

OmniFocus is a personal task management application. Sharing a database among multiple users is not advised, as data loss could result from two people editing the same action at once.

OmniPlan is a project management application, for scheduling tasks for teams. However, it's currently best for one user to make the schedule and publish it, rather than multiple users making changes all at once. You can export an OmniPlan schedule to HTML so that team members can view the schedule and download an iCal calendar of their tasks.

We are looking at integrating OmniPlan and OmniFocus to allow for a delegation model. This would probably not be until version 2.0 of both products.

You are welcome to download either or both applications and try them for yourself before purchasing. (OmniFocus has a 14-day unlimited demo period, and OmniPlan has a 20 task limit.)