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Originally Posted by Forrest
I think the GUI to it just makes it more user-friendly. I find it slower and not any less error prone, so I remove it.
Really? That's interesting. I pound cmd-opt-F, type the search string, and hit return. With a keyword, you have to, well, type the keyword, so it becomes cmd-L, type keyword, type search string, and hit return. It's b/c of the need to type the keyword that I say it's slower and more error-prone.

Admittedly, I tend to use somewhat longer keywords, with the shortest being three characters, I think. Thus, there's more chance for me to fumble-finger it than when you just use one or two characters. This is a much bigger problem on my PB with its keyboard, as opposed to the wonderful Kinesis keyboard I have on my desktop - I rarely fumble anything on that.

I'll also admit that I've come >this< close to turning off the search field a number of times. I often want to see the entire URL, and that can be a tedious challenge with very long URLs given a location bar that is already short but even shorter with the search bar. (I really, really miss being able to get an open URL dialog that has a big, multi-line text field for the URL - and which shows the current page's URL by default. This is one of those great, unsung features that just seems to have gone away in modern browsers because all the powers that be think a simple, short URL field is good enough and that a full-blown text field is overblown redundancy.)

But that's the great thing about apps being customizable.