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Two things:

One: I'm thoroughly accustomed to using ⇧⌘← to highlight text to the beginning of the line (⌘← = go to beginning of current editor line; shifting adds text selection to any cursor move). OmniWeb thinks I want to go to my Start Page when I do that, which has caused me no end of frustration while editing. In fact, it's already happened twice while drafting this message. Keyboard shortcuts are great; consistency with established editing shortcuts is better.

Two: When I open a new window or tab, it's usually because I'm about to type an address or do a quick search. To that end, a setting that keeps the cursor in the location bar when manually opening a new tab or window would be nice. As I mentioned (agreeing with another poster) in another thread, I'd really like the option to open a new blank tab or window, while still having a default start page that opens when the program first launches.


Seconded. I'm going nuts trying to teach myself that ⇧⌘← means "homepage"