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Not putting a context column in context mode while having one in projects mode undoubtedly took more work than simply making the same choices available in both modes.
I don't follow this assumption. The two views are very different, so I don't think that you can safely assume that they both come from some common view from which the Context column was removed for Context mode. I realize that you may be saying that you don't _want_ the two views to be very different. In my case, I find many of the other differences to be valuable.

In any case, while I would like the option of a Context column in Context view, I would want it to be optional - I'm already having a problem with getting enough screen width for my project names, so I wouldn't want to be forced to give up screen width for a Context column that I may or may not want in a given Perspective.

So I'd want this column to be optional, which I'd guess would be a good deal more work than just leaving it out. To me, it's a "would be nice" feature - I certainly wouldn't have considered it a drop-dead requirement before delivering the first version, and I wouldn't have put it before synchronization features.