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My research frequently requires me to work with series of overlayed contour plots, which are essentially very complex and highly overlapped paths that are exported from scientific software as a postscript (the only option available) and converted to a PDF for editing.

One of the editing tasks I frequently do is select a particular set of paths (which usually have the same, unique color) and change their color. This is easy to do in Illustrator via the "Select-->Same-->Stroke Color" feature. Unfortunately OmniGraffle's selection functionality isn't sophisticated enough to handle this type of task. The OmniGraffle equivalent, "Select-->Similar Objects," fails to find a unique (based on color) group of paths.

I'd love to see OmniGraffle implement a feature set roughly equivalent to Illustrator's "Select-->Same" submenu. This is one of the last reasons I continue to use Illustrator instead of OmniGraffle.

As a side note, if there is a better way to go about this in OmniGraffle, please let me know. As I mentioned, the file is imported as a postscript, so there's no easy way to separate the myriad of overlapping paths into different layers, etc.

I've attached a screenshot of an example to show what I am working with.

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