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Is it just me that actually thinks the iPad-version of Omnifocus has better features and looks a loot better than the Mac-version?
The iPad certainly has some nice features not yet found in the Mac app, but the reverse is also certainly true.
I am kinda wondering if there will be a 2.0 version soon maybe that will be completely redesigned, with more features like the iPad (to put stuff on hold and to be able to review every x weeks)?
You can put stuff on hold in the desktop app. Click on a project in the sidebar or the project header in the outline, right-click, select the new status you want. Or use Edit->Status->(status) or the Inspector.

Likewise, if you want to adjust the review interval or next review date (can't do that on the iPad!) just select the project(s), bring up the Inspector, and set the appropriate field. To do your reviews on the Mac, bring up a Project mode view, group by Next Review date, and have at it, reviewing up to the present date. You have the added advantage of being able to review only Active projects, or Stalled projects, or even just projects containing a given string!
Would be awesome to see you use another feature request-solution like maybe the UserVoice's!
They've got a huge pile of old data that would need to be accommodated in some fashion if they switched to a new solution. There's a relevant thread here: