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further to the above:

In context mode, when I see an item I don't want any more, and I try to delete it, a warning comes up

"If you delete the selected items, the following hidden items will also be deleted.To hide the selected items without losing their contents, consider changing their status to Dropped or Completed instead of deleting them. 1 project"

This is difficult to understand for the following reasons:

1. When I switch to Planning Mode, I find that it IS a project.
( see my confusion above)

2. it has no dependencies. Why, then, am I warned that there are?

3. my exercise is to have all items contextualised - so it doesn't help me to put anything 'On Hold' as that won't remove it from the 'No Context' list. And marking it 'complete' is OK but it's a bit like brushing feathers under the carpet.

I just want to delete it :-)