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(3) Importing an image - could this have been made any harder? Don't think so. Why not just let me either take a photo or let me pick a file from my images on my device? Why do I need to leave and re-enter the app? This is such a crazy way of doing things and SO non-standard.
You do it in exactly the same way you attach an image to an email in the Apple email app.
(4) Why can't I resize an image so I can see it all? This was mentioned in this forum and the response was to choose 'quick view' to see it - but no, I want to see my image completely in my outline. I should be able to do this.
And just like in the Apple email app, you get the whole picture at its original size.

I'm told there are plans to add additional functionality to allow seeing the entire image in the outline.
(6) PDF export - I've created this lovely outline. I'd like to save it as a PDF so I can distribute this. How?
PDF output (and printing, too) will undoubtedly arrive at some point. For now, one approach is to download a free trial of OmniOutliner for Mac and use the print to PDF option there. The trial will allow you to open and print a document even after the trial is up, you just can't make changes or create a new document.

If I have to fight a tool like this, I simply won't use it. So I'm really disappointed by my purchase and REALLY hope there'll be some commitment to improving this product.
If you aren't satisfied, you've got 30 days from the date of purchase to request a full refund from Omni. You might also browse the release notes for the other Omni applications, and see just how much additional development and support goes on, especially with a new app.