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Thanks for the replies, everyone. I've been able to do some of the stuff I couldn't do before. The one exception is 'named styles' - this for me still won't work and I always get font size 20 regardless of the setting in the named style - all other attributes seem to work though. I'm suprised I'm the only one experiencing this - must be me.

For images, I agree that suggesting it works this way and this is acceptable, because apple's mail app works the same way is completely wrong. Surely it should work 'right' and how we need to use images, not in some inconvenient, awkward manner? The screenshot above with the 'thumbnails' style view is PERFECT. This is what I'd like to achieve and it's actually quite deceiving to show a screenshot like this since it does give the impression that the app works that way.

Regarding OmniGraffle - I'm primarily after using a tool for drawing up wireframes for applications - anyone used it for this on the iPad? If so, what do you think? Is it better than iMockups (which I'm using currently)?