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Is there a way to show that several actions are dependent on a certain action being done before they can become active?
The short answer is, "not yet".

Until such a feature is added, there are a couple of alternatives. One is to be a bit more liberal with how tasks are arranged. For example, in your irrigation project you could move the two install tasks into the Pump house action group, after the Build action. Of course, that assumes you've completed the research and ordering of the pump and filter. That brings us to the second alternative: Waiting For actions. You can add Waiting For actions to express dependency on completion of another project. For example, under Pump house you might have a parallel action group "Wait for parts to arrive", with actions "Wait for filter to arrive" and "Wait for pump to arrive".

In general, I find that I'm regularly rearranging the actions in my projects to express dependencies that emerge while on work on the project. I find I'm more productive if I do just enough planning to know what's next, plus anything else that comes to mind. I use daily and weekly reviews to adjust the plan as I go. This approach lessens the need to complex interproject dependencies.