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Hi HenricF,

The ability to add contacts has been requested for years, and in July it was the top of Omni's 'most requested' feature list, however it apparently has slipped back badly.

IMHO it's a no-brainer, who wants to have an action such as Call Joe, switch to contacts, and then copy-and-paste the relevant info back to OF? If you haven't decided how you want to communicate (which phone number?, depends on time of day; email?, home or work, etc.) that's a lot of switching back-and-forth, copy-and-pasting to cover all the possibilities! Like a lot of people, if I have Call Paul or Email Steve, I want to add the relevant person by simply hitting Insert Contact from within OmniFocus. It would also save me having to type the surname in, or trying to remember which 'Steve' from the half-a-dozen possibilities!

If you're up to it, email the Support Ninjas, and vote for it. However, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for it to happen....!

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