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I have both. Nice try, though!

My point about adding contact info, whether it be something that I can tap to activate (email, phone) or not (street address), stands. In any case, the time it takes me to look someone up if they are in the Address Book app is usually dwarfed by the time spent on the phone call (or the time I spent laughing after seeing your post imagining that you thought you'd caught me :-). No doubt it would be slicker to be able to do that lookup at the time that the action was created, but somewhere along the line I'm going to have to spend the time to do the lookup.
Haha, I didn't know, was just being sarky, but delighted to have amused you!

As for your dwarf telephone analogy, I trust that every action you enter actually takes longer to do than put in. You have grasped the 2-minute rule? If not, more than happy to elaborate! Also, what about repeating actions, having to call, text or email a dozen different people or companies each and every week? Still think there's no value?

However, I have to accept that if 140+ of the membership voted to keep Ken beavering away at what IMHO will be totally flaky location-aware alerts, then who am I to argue?

I mean, location-aware alerts were top of the list right?