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You have grasped the 2-minute rule? If not, more than happy to elaborate!
No need, I understand it quite well. Just about everything I put into OmniFocus is something I need or want to do but cannot do at the time that I think of it, so the 2 minute rule rarely applies.
Also, what about repeating actions, having to call, text or email a dozen different people or companies each and every week? Still think there's no value?
The functional blocks are that I create the action, I look up the contact, and I make the call. Do I not have to do all those things in any relevant scenario? The savings here is only if Omni makes it easier to find the contact and extract the necessary info from within OmniFocus than by switching to the Address Book, copying it, switching back and pasting. All my iOS gadgets still run some 3.x flavor, so I don't know how much easier that is under 4.x, but I don't find it to be much of a chore under 3.x, so that puts an upper bound on how much time it will save me. If it is a repeating call, that small penalty gets spread out over a larger number of calls.
However, I have to accept that if 140+ of the membership voted to keep Ken beavering away at what IMHO will be totally flaky location-aware alerts, then who am I to argue?

I mean, location-aware alerts were top of the list right?
I think you are being a bit disingenuous. No one has said that Omni only looks at the customer requests database when deciding what to do next. It is merely one input. If Ken or whoever else is in a position to make such calls thinks that there is a feature they should build to advance the product, they are going to build it whether or not anyone has had the good sense to ask for it.